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Dr. David Rogers, M.D., is an experienced, top-ranked orthopedic spine surgeon providing world-class care and superior outcomes for patients at The Rogers Spine Surgery Institute in Glendale, CA. At his practice, Dr. Rogers offers patients the most advanced procedures for the treatment of conditions like back injuries, head and neck disorders, hip arthritis, knee arthritis, hand and wrist arthritis, herniated discs, spondylolysis, pinched nerves and sports injuries. Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, he performs cutting-edge treatment options like microsurgery, platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments, laminectomy and other procedures to help patients relieve painful symptoms and restore range of motion …

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  •   Dr Rogers is an excellent surgeon and a caring person.  I suffered back pain for almost three years and had tried many approaches before consulting with Dr Rogers.  My diagnosis was stenosis in several lumbar areas.  From the first meeting and through the surgery he and his staff made me comfortable and confident for a successful outcome.  He performed the surgery at the Marina del Rey Hospital.  It was a long operation and everything went smoothly.  My stay at the hospital was very good and the nursing staff was excellent.  I was told the healing would take time and along with physical therapy I progressed at a steady pace. It was almost six months to regain complete recovery. I am now able to do all the activities that I enjoy and I am pain free and feel better than I ever expected.  I am grateful that I found Dr Rogers and that he agreed to be my surgeon .

    thumb Stephen M.
  •   I don't even know how to begin to thank Dr. Rogers for saving my mother from a miserable and painful time in her life.
    When I realized that she was in good hands, I didn't' care if we had to wait the whole day to see him...yes! He is that great!!!. Last week I waited 3 hours at the DMV to get my license renewal, 1 hour at my doctor's office for a regular check up, and 45 minutes at the blood lab for a test because I walked in without an appointment.
    My mother is 82 yrs old and she wasn't able to walk, and the pain was so excruciating that we thought she was not able to ever walk again and she was facing a grim future.
    I feel absolutely fortuitous to find doctor Rogers, his professionalism knowledge and the way he conveys complex information is something that rarely is found among doctors. He was willing to do the highly complex surgery that other doctors refused to performed due to my mother's age and other health issues.
    After getting clearance from her other doctors, surgery was schedule. Angela and Richard really made this process easy, and as busy as they are, they managed to keep us informed and were able to get back to us in a timely manner every time.
    My mother's surgery was a success, she is back on her feet again and walking. She is still at the hospital for a few days in post operative physical therapy, but her smile and happiness that she is experiencing right now is invaluable.
    Thank you Dr Rogers for giving my mother her life back,  and our family that priceless piece of mind. I have no words to express my gratitude and we feel so blessed to meet such an outstanding professional.

    thumb Patrick G.
  •   Dr. Rogers is a God sent angel! He did spine surgery for my dad when no other surgeon would dare fix the horrible fusion USC County hospital did 9 years ago. Dr. Rogers did a great job and I am writing this review while sitting next to my dad's recovery bed in Glendale Memorial.
    Dr. Rogers if you read this, we are forever thankful to you and you are always in our prayers. God bless you!

    thumb Nicole S.
  •   Dr. Rogers is an excellent surgeon. It is clear he really cares and wants the best outcome for his patients. I feel fortunate to have met him and completely trust his work. I highly recommend him if you need spinal surgery.

    thumb Rachel M.
  •   Where do I even begin? Let's just start with, the only reason I even signed up onto Yelp was to write this man a raving review for all that he has done for my grandmother. Words can't even express the true gratitude that we have for him, his staff and his work.

    In all my years dealing with many different types of doctors in 2 different states, I have never met one that has cared so personally about a patient before. He takes the time to explain everything and makes sure that you truly do understand the medical gibberish that most doctors don't care to break down for you. He goes above and beyond what he is supposed to do. My grandmother was in the hospital for 36days, and every single day he made sure to stop by and see her, no matter how busy or tired he was, no matter the time of day it was, he made sure to stop and see her. WHO DOES THAT?

    He still continues to personally check up on her even though it has already been almost 3months post op. He truly cares about her, and in no way sees her as a paycheck as most MD's unfortunately do now. It upsets me that people complain of the wait time in the room. Yes, a couple of times we had to wait a bit past our appt time, however I would much rather know that I am in the hands of a surgeon who is running late because he has so many patients that trust him and that he makes a point to make time for, instead of walking straight into an office and right into seeing a surgeon immediately because he doesn't have anyone else to see. Get my drift? He is a busy and popular man because he is a wonderful surgeon and MD. As for the phone thing, how could one know he is on a personal call? One of our appointments he had a call from the hospital and had to step out to take it. Completely understandable! He is just taking that extra step. That is something to be commended for, not put down for. I would hope that if there were an emergency with my grandmother that he would take the call, as I am sure every other patient might feel as well. Priorities are not taken lightly in this office. Speaking of the office, it is professional, clean, comfortable and inviting. Especially with the very personable staff he has. Angela and Richard both are great to work with and always a joy to see upon appointments. The entire experience from start to finish, every office visit, is always a pleasure. They all feel like family and friends at this point, and do not in any way brush you off or make you feel unimportant at anytime like we have felt in other offices.

    My grandmother speaks spanish, but despite the language barrier he always talks to both her and I. She told me one day after our visit that she always feels like part of the conversation and that he acknowledges that she is there instead of just talking to me about her as if she weren't there. He knows enough of a little bit of spanish, and she knows enough of a little bit of english that they will speak spanglish with each other to have more of that patient/doctor relationship instead of her never communicating with him and vice versa. Once again, he takes that extra step when he doesn't have to. And always asks her at the end, in spanish, to her, if she has any extra questions for him. She loves that.

    I have never seen or known of a doctor to walk an extra mile for a patient. He really has given me hope once again that there are doctors who do what they do because they CARE and because they took an oath, not because of how much money they will make. He has performed more than one surgery on my grandmother, and watching her walk around painless and getting back to her normal self is just an undeniable joy to see. He is a miracle worker and we were blessed to come across such an MD as he is. I recommend him to anyone who needs done what he does. He not only is a caring doctor, but a brilliant one. You would only be so lucky to have him work on you. You may have to wait a little in the waiting room, (which we only had to once or twice fyi), but frankly who doesn't have to wait in a waiting room at the doctors anymore. But let me tell you what, he is worth the wait and you will be happy that you did. If i could give him more than 5 starts I would.

    thumb Natalya C.
  •   I took my mother to many doctors until we found Dr. Rogers.  We think he is a brilliant doctor and his staff is wonderful.  They are very helpful and they treat you like family.  We were referred to him by a friend. The doctor definitely knows what he is doing and he genuinely cares about his patients.  I noticed some of the reviews here about the wait time and yes, you may wait a little to see him but it is worth it. I don't know about you but I rather go to a doctor who is busy then to one who has no patients.

    thumb Kristina K.
  •   Great service! Dr. Rogers operated on my husbands recurrent herniated disc and his recovery has been amazing. He was able to walk 3 hours post op! Dr. Rogers is very flexible, patient and a great listener! He is great at walking you through what you can expect and he is right on point!

    thumb Jess T.
  •   Dr. Rogers provided my husband a 25 year veteran firefighter with EXCEPTIONAL care and professionalism. It began with his front office staff Angela and Richard who worked every angle needed to obtain the proper authorizations and follow up appointments. In addition to that the day of, after and since his surgery Dr. Rogers care remained informative, compassionate and THOROUGH. I can't thank him and his staff enough for all attention to detail in managing his case. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

    thumb Selina T.
  •   Absolutely the best! I am so very thankful for Dr Rogers and would highly recommend him.  While I do admit I had to wait a bit in his office (not unusual for most doctors offices, especially the good ones!), it was totally worth the wait.  I was visiting from out of town and needed emergency back surgery on two disks.  I really didn't want to have surgery but my options weren't great without it and I was in a great deal of pain.  My mom had back surgery with another doctor and it left her with permanent damage so I was very scared.  He spent the time to explain the procedure, the risks and the benefits.  I was even able to have my husband on speaker phone so he could listen and ask questions as well.  He and his staff made an unwanted detour on a trip, the best possible experience with the best outcome.  After several weeks recuperating I was cleared to go back home to my family and my back feels great!!!! I am so very very thankful for all that Dr Rogers did for me!

    thumb Kathleen C.
  •   I agree with what others have said in previous reviews. He might be the most brilliant doctor on the planet but after waiting for 50 minutes for my appointment, I left. Look, I'm not a hothead, if someone would have come in and said "sorry, the doctor is running late, etc, etc" I would have waited. That did not happen. I kept thinking to myself whilst I was sitting in the waiting room wearing one of those butt-hanging-out gowns, what business would I wait 50 minutes for? I couldn't think of one. So I voted with me feet. It's gratifying, but unfortunate, to see I'm not the only one with this issue. Go else where if you want a doctor that values your time.

    thumb Surmont U.

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