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Orthopedic Spine Surgeon located in
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Dr. David Rogers, M.D., is an experienced, top-ranked orthopedic spine surgeon providing world-class care and superior outcomes for patients at The Rogers Spine Surgery Institute in Glendale, CA. At his practice, Dr. Rogers offers patients the most advanced procedures for the treatment of conditions like back injuries, head and neck disorders, hip arthritis, knee arthritis, hand and wrist arthritis, herniated discs, spondylolysis, pinched nerves and sports injuries. Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, he performs cutting-edge treatment options like microsurgery, platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments, laminectomy and other procedures to help patients relieve painful symptoms and restore range of motion …

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  •   Dr. Rogers came highly recommended to me by 2 other doctors that I have known for many years and who's opinions I highly respect.

    I saw him on 3/9/20. He was extremely knowledgeable and communicated very well what my problem was to me in a warm, calm, caring, "not rushed", and friendly manner.

    He also was very patient with me and took plenty of time so I could ask all my many questions.

    I've seen other spine surgeons in the past but he is definitely one of the BEST out there. I would feel 100% confident having him do my back surgery that I have put off for too long now.

    I also must add that his Asst., Angela, was very professional and communicated very well to me all that she needed from me as a new patient. She was also very sweet and caring! Great office!

    Thank you so much Dr. Rogers and Angela!

    thumb Janet K.
  •   Dr. Rogers did my microdiscectomy in October. He went above and beyond with scheduling, answering any questions, and even calling me the night before surgery to make sure I was okay. I was very severally limited in my mobility. I'm now walking with no issues and starting to bend and lift more each day. I had some crazy irrational fears about anesthesia and my anesthesiologist was great. Took a deep breath and then woke up in the recovery room. My nurses were fantastic. I wish I could remember their names.  Angela is also fantastic, the doctors assistant. She is extremely patient and caring. I can't thank Dave Rogers enough. He gave me my life back. I seriously spent 8 months trying to heal my herniated disc and finally surgery was really the best solution.

    thumb Meredith B.
  •   Dr. Rogers is a fantastic, dedicated, world-class surgeon. As some have mentioned, there are occasional bumps in his medical 'practice', and I found the staff has its ups and downs, but he is top-notch as a surgeon, and when you need help this badly -- what else matters?

    He was chosen by my doctor for her own surgery, and every doctor I was sent to for the pre-surgical OK was highly admiring when they heard who was doing the surgery. I was told that before he operates, he exercises (for alertness), and pores over the MRIs to visualize exactly what he will be doing, and how he wants it to go -- so he's alert, and intensely focused on the task before him.

    He patiently explained the surgery and options, and handled my very complicated surgery successfully.

    I had fallen, and was overlooked by a major medical center when I went for testing, so my back--which was broken--healed itself for years, but incorrectly. Dr. Rogers had to excavate the 'healed' bone, which was impinging on my spinal cord, and fuse the lower vertebrae with titanium rods.

    * I was in agony, and now I'm pain-free. I was in danger of losing my mobility from the waist down, and now my problem has been eliminated.
    * Other problems have been correcting themselves, now that the big problem at the base of my spine is in its correct position and alignment.
    *Other surgeries that might have been needed are now not necessary.

    Very few doctors even within this specialty could have handled something this intense -- two surgeries, two days apart, for hours on end. And thanks to him, I'm restored to full mobility, pain-free.

    I, too, found the staff a little dismissive after the surgery, but I don't care -- the surgery was what was important, and that was world-class.

    thumb truefeatherseventy-seven m.
  •   I came here with a friend that had some back issues. The first thing I noticed was the office is very clean and cozy. Angela, the girl sitting at the front desk is so welcoming and friendly. Dr. Rogers was very professional, informative & caring. I would highly recommend him to anyone that's having back and neck problems.

    thumb Krystal P.
  •   Simply the best!

    Doctor Rogers and his staff are wonderful.  This is a long overdue review.  

    I had lower pain over the years that had progressively gotten worse.  I had 2 minor type surgeries, a laminectomy and a microdiscotomy.   Those didn't alleviate the pain of the sciatic nerve and lumbar pain.  I opted for a lumbar fusion with a doctor recommended by my primary care physician.  Everything turned out worse.  Went for a full year of pain management which again did nothing but minor relief and weekly visits.

    I finally decided to see another spine surgeon.  The question was "Who?"  I wanted a doctor near me as my other doctors had been on the west side. I checked around and I found the best spine surgeon on the planet, Dr Rogers.

    After sending me for current MRI , I was scheduled for surgery to straighten the rods and tighten screws.   It had been painful to walk up u til Dr Rogers worked his magic.  

    It is now 3 years post op and I'm still doing fine.  

    There is no better spine surgeon in my opinion.  He is compassionate and caring as is his assistant Angela and his brother Richard who works in the office also.  Love you guys!

    thumb Barbara G.
  •   Dr. David Rogers and his staff Angela & Richard are all top notch and amazing! He performed 2 successful neck surgeries on my dad's neck, one from the front and one from the back.

    We've visited at least 5 different doctors and they refused to perform the surgery or do anything on my dad's neck due to the high risks and how difficult they were.

    Dr. Rogers reduced my dad's neck pain to 5, from the scale of 10! Without the surgery my dad was going to be paralyzed, due to how tight and narrow the spinal canal were.

    My dad has severe Arthritis and he's never going to be pain free, but thanks to Dr. Rogers he is able to live a normal life with manageable pain. You're a blessing and a genius at what you do Dr. Rogers! Thank you for everything.

    thumb Sev K.
  •   Dr Roger's is the best surgeon you will ever find!! I have had a total of 8 spinal surgeries so I know a great surgeon when I meet one...He has done 2 surgeries for me...The first surgery he did was a redo on my cervical spine... The surgery was done by a previous Surgeon...The second surgery was done September 12, 2018 on my Cervical Spine....He saved me from becoming paralyzed...
    Dr Roger's is not only the best surgeon he is compassionate, kind, loving, & cares about you as an individual..
    Some have said on this site that they have to wait too long once they arrive for their appointments....
    However Dr Roger's spend as much time with you as he did with the patient before you..
    He does not rush you thru your appointment...it is not like a drive thru....
    Good things come to those who wait....and you can't get better then Dr Rogers... and his staff is wonderful....always cheerful and beyond helpful...
    So if you have to wait a bit bring a book, iPad, cell phone, water and a good attitude cause you are about to see the best Doctor you could ever meet....
    Take this from one who has been down the road to hell and now I am back!! Thank you Dr Rogers!!!

    thumb Mary M.
  •   I just started seeing Dr. Rogers after a car accident (concerns due to cervical fusion surgery 9 months ago). I do agree with the others that the wait is a bit ridiculous. I was the only one in the lobby. When I got back to the room I could hear him in with another patient. So there was only one before me. The office was silent. While I loathe waiting an hour past appointment times, I was super grateful once I met with Dr. Rogers.

    He has such a calm demeanor. Answered all of my questions, gave me great detail about my symptoms/complaints, and his concerns as well. He is sending me for a series of tests and wants everything done quickly due to my prior surgery.

    I do appreciate the concern for me and not rushing me in and out like so many doctors do nowadays. I'll wait for a caring doctor any day of the week, especially when it comes to issues as serious as spinal injury.

    thumb Lisa Y.
  •   I had the best care ever Claudia Vasquez
    I had spinal cord stimulator implant and Doctor Rogers and Staff are great

    thumb Robert P.
  •   Thanks to Doctor Rogers I have my life back.  Three weeks ago (before he preformed my microdisectomy) there would be times when I couldn't even crawl, the pain was excruciating; now I forget sometimes that I was ever injured.

    He really listens to and cares about his patients.  I had a lot of questions and concerns and he took the time to help me understand, and was forthcoming about potential risks and expectations.

    The surgery was a complete success and I honestly don't see how you could find a more skilled, qualified, and attentive surgeon.

    Angela is awesome and helped deal with a pharmacy that was being difficult.  Richard is a champion of communication and made the arrangements very easy.  And I'm sure Dr. Rogers is the top of his trade.  Not to mention all of them are very kind, genuine people.  Can't recommend enough!

    thumb Aaron G.

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